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If you can describe a beaver shark, or have even heard of one, you, or a loved one, has been to Kamp Kiwanis Resident Camp, located on BEAUTIFUL Lake Martin. Kamp Kiwanis serves girls, ages 7-17, during the summer months, where the appreciation of one’s self and the outdoors is taught and learned.



                                                                                                                                                      June 12, 2011
Hey Everyone!

KKAA is currently awaiting the arrival of our OFFICIAL paperwork documenting our NON-PROFIT status. We are super excited, since it will expand our abilities. Due to graduations and starting new jobs, the KKAA officers have been slack on our duties. However, we are looking forward to getting KKAA back into the swing of things. 

Although, I will not be able to join the Alumni Weekend held by Resident Kamp offered this summer, due to work conflict, I hope everyone that attends enjoys their time together at so many of our "home away from home." Stop by freqently to get current information about upcoming events and get-togethers.

Happy Kamping,

Karlee Johnson (Belle)
KKAA President and Founder

PS. We are on Facebook. We just got a Page, which is in addition to our already well visited group. By clicking the "Like" below, you get us closer to having a username that will make our social networking even easier. We're also on Twitter - by clicking on the link above, you'll be taken to see our most recent tweets!

Special Thanks...

We would like to extend a special thanks to Selma-Dallas County Girl Scouts for their generous contribution to KKAA, which makes several of our goals possible.

We would also like to thank the Camp Grist Alumni Association for their guidance in our efforts to begin our own alumni association.

Upcoming Event!!!

We are currently working on
 getting a KKAA Get-Together
on the calendar. If you are
interested in helping plan or
attending, we'd love to hear
your ideas! Email us at!

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